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Farwell on Water submark inverse
Farwell on Water submark inverse

F-O-K’s Studios is St. Paul’s artist collective on the west bank of the Mississippi


With over 50 studios, the artistic mediums at F-O-K Studios are vast and diverse. Explore our artists’ work below with links to their shops and/or portfolios.


F-O-K Studios are located on the 3rd through 5th floors of the historic Warehouse 2.
  • F-O-K Studios map of floor 3
    Rendering of F-O-K Studios coffee bar showing a long bar with bar seating

    Coffee Bar

    Rendering of F-O-K Studios education studio with seating

    Education Studios

    Rendering of F-O-K Studios gallery


    Rendering of F-O-K Studios Stage with large lights and a beautiful mural backdrop


  • F-O-K Studios map of floor 4
  • F-O-K Studios map of floor 5


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Check back regularly for annual and special artist events at F-O-K Studios (located in Warehouse 2) and the Farwell-on-Water district at large.


F-O-K Studios are located in Warehouse 2, just south of Harriet Island at
106 Water Street, St. Paul, Minn.