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Author: Julie Morris

Echoes of the 80s: The Musical Legacy of Harriet Island

Before skyscrapers and urban rhythms dominated the horizon, Harriet Island pulsated with iconic melodies, electric riffs, and the unmistakable enthusiasm of countless fans. This historic space, on the cusp of transforming into the Farwell on Water district, was the backdrop for legendary musical memories.

Legends of Harriet Island

The 80’s and 90’s on Harriet Island were marked with electrifying performances by some of the biggest names in music. Van Morrison’s poignant melodies during Riverfest still linger in the air, a testament to an era where his soulful tunes resonated deeply with the audience. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts rocked the island, with their indomitable energy echoing in tracks like “I Love Rock ‘n Roll.”

The tranquil setting by the Mississippi River only heightened the ambiance, making every note and lyric feel profoundly connected to the island’s spirit. And then, in 1992, Lollapalooza transformed Harriet Island into the epicenter of the alternative rock universe, offering an unforgettable fusion of the past, present, and future of music.

Yet, it wasn’t just these standalone events that captivated souls. From 1983 to 1998, Riverfest, the go-to summer music festival, was the heartbeat of Harriet Island. This festival was more than just music – it was a tapestry of shared experiences, community bonds, and timeless memories.

Echoing Harriet Island’s Rhythmic Past at Farwell on Water

With such a profound musical lineage, Farwell on Water seeks to weave the vibrant tapestry of Harriet Island’s past with a future filled with connectivity and unity. The notes of Van Morrison might not float through the air, and Joan Jett’s vibrant energy might be a fond memory, but the spirit of unity and shared experiences endures. Within the design and ambience of the Esox House project, subtle nods to this rich musical history are seamlessly incorporated, ensuring the legacy continues to resonate with residents and visitors alike.

A Nod to A Harmonious Legacy

For those who reminisce about the days swaying to legendary tunes on Harriet Island, Farwell on Water is more than just a tribute – it’s a continuation of that legacy. And for the new generation, it’s an invitation to create profound memories, reminiscent of the golden days of Riverfest and other iconic concerts.

Together, we’re ensuring Harriet Island’s legacy – its music, its community, its indomitable spirit – thrives vibrantly within every nook and corner of Farwell on Water.

Introducing “Farwell on Water”: A Beacon of Community, Creativity, and Affordable Living

We are thrilled to announce the groundbreaking of St Paul’s Farwell on Water district, Buhl Investors’ latest mixed-use development that encapsulates our vision for a vibrant, integrated, and dynamic community. At the heart of this project are values that resonate deeply with us – fostering community ties, celebrating artistic expression, and ensuring accessibility to all.

As we embark on this transformative journey, we invite you to get an exclusive, firsthand look at the groundbreaking ceremony that took place in June. Witness the pivotal moments as Pete Deanovic of Buhl Investors and Mayor Melvin Carter of St. Paul come together to symbolize the commencement of Farwell on Water.

Unveiling Esox House and Harbourline

At the forefront of this ambitious project are two residential ventures that stand as pillars of inclusivity and modern living: Esox House and Harbourline.

Esox House brings 221 market-rate units to the table, promising “naturally beautiful living.” With Harriet Island as its front yard, residents are promised a daily dose of serenity with stunning views of the Mississippi River. Wake up to the rhythmic flow of the river, and bask in nature’s beauty right from your window.

Harbourline champions our dedication to inclusivity with 63 affordable units. “Land easy. Live well,” is not just a tagline; it’s our commitment to ensuring everyone finds their perfect home here. Moreover, with seven units reserved for supportive housing services for individuals facing homelessness or disabilities, Harbourline is set to be a beacon of hope and community support.

More Than Just a Place to Live

Farwell on Water isn’t just about beautiful residences overlooking the Mississippi River. It’s about the heart and soul of St. Paul. Nestled within the development is the historically significant Farwell, Ozmun, Kirk & Co. warehouse, which has seamlessly transitioned into the creative hub, F-O-K Studios at 102 Water St.

Our mixed-use blueprint introduces W2 Works – modern office spaces designed for businesses that envision a future hand-in-hand with community and culture. Add to this, a contemporary restaurant and the public plaza, aptly named The Farwell Yard, and you have a space that’s brimming with life and opportunities.

The future of St. Paul lies in bridging communities, fostering diversity, and creating inclusive spaces where everyone feels at home. Farwell on Water is our step towards that future. With artist events, community gatherings, and a host of other events, the district will become a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and dreams.

St. Paul’s horizon is bright, and Farwell on Water is set to be its shining star. A place where past meets present, where dreams meet reality, and where every individual finds their unique place. Join us on this exhilarating journey to redefine St. Paul living.

Looking Ahead

The journey of Farwell on Water is an unfolding tapestry of community, innovation, and artistic brilliance. As we continue to shape this visionary project, make sure you’re at the forefront of all the latest developments, milestones, and community stories.

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